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Do you believe that eating well and staying healthy doesn’t have to be hard work? I do, and that’s what my blog is all about.

I started blogging in January 2014. I was finding that my family, friends and even work colleagues were continuously intrigued by the foods I ate. No surprise for a dietitian. But I found it was the simple stuff that was inspiring people, like eating celery sticks at my desk or adding vegetables to taco mince. It occurred to me that there was lots of information out there on ways of eating that require an enormous amount of dedication and curious ingredients and of course loads of marketing of fairly ordinary food choices, but there wasn’t very much in between. That’s how Simple. Real. Nutrition. came about.

What’s in a name? 

Simple: I know how busy my life can get and I have it pretty easy. So I know that most people have even less time than me. Simple. Real.  Nutrition. provides simple healthy recipes that can be prepared quickly with minimal ingredients and best of all using as few utensils as possible to save time cleaning up.

Real: I try to keep it real (excuse the terrible 90’s  catchphrase). I cook with real food and I give realistic advice. I am not one for food fads and I like to be able to buy my food at the local supermarket and not have to go to specialty stores to find ingredients whose names I can’t pronounce.

Nutrition: says it all really doesn’t it? The world of nutrition is complicated and there is an enormous amount of information out  there. Unfortunately some of the most popular nutrition and diet advice is given by people with zero qualifications in the area. I try to wade through all the rubbish and deliver simple and real nutrition facts that are meaningful to the average person.

Basically, Simple. Real. Nutrition is about sharing how real people can enjoy real food so that they can get on with enjoying their lives


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About Liz: Liz is a dietitian based in Brisbane. Liz has a background in Public Health Nutrition and a keen interest in food security and food supply gained working in rural and remote Queensland, Western Australia and the UK. She is also a mad runner. You can connect with Liz on

Twitter: @lizharburg


Instagram: @simplerealnutrition