I graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 1995, and am currently celebrating two decades as a Dietitian this month.  We were very fortunate to all be employed prior to our graduation at this time – and my first job was at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.  Throughout the years I have worked in a diverse range of dietetic and nutrition jobs including Redlands Hospital, Nutrition Australia, GP divisions, private practice, corporate health, Flight Centre, The Bronte Foundation and community health services.  I established my own private practice in 1998 and until 2009 (birth of my first child) was operating out of 6 locations.  I currently work out of one location at Carina and have realized with my loyal and diverse range of referring doctors, specialists and word of mouth that clients now travel to me, rather than me having to be in many locations.  This streamlines my business very well, and makes my work very time efficient and can offer a very professional service aided by my fabulous support staff.


Tell me a bit about your job and/or describe a typical day for you

My demands are currently split between professional and family as I have a young family, and pride myself on being able to juggle both (some days better than others!).  The beauty of owning your own business and provide consultancy work is that you can define your hours and meet the work demands at your convenience.  An additional benefit that has come with motherhood is an even higher level of time management, multi-tasking and organisational skills.

I work in my private practice two days per week, and my clientele are a mix of many different medical conditions.  My love is working with eating disorders and bowel health (coeliac, IBS, IBD and FODMAPs) and I absolutely thrive on weight management, emotional and mindful eating, diabetes and heart health.

More recently, my new enterprise as Events Manager with Dietitian Connection has me utilizing my events management skills previously employed with amazing kid’s parties and personal foodie events to a more professional capacity and high end market.


What do you most enjoy about your role?

I love working with people, I love talking to people and I love making an impact on people’s lives.  I empathise with people’s struggles in their lives (medically and emotionally) and I love to be able to offer my support in maximizing their nutritional health to improve their total health.  Above all, I have a love affair with food, passionate about cooking and am able to utilise this in providing practical advice to my clients.  I also hope that I continue to spread my passion and desire to have an influence on young minds to develop healthy and normal relationships with food and eating cemented early in their lives.


Tell me a little bit about your career in dietetics and why you choose dietetics as a career.

I have been incredibly fortunate to never have to actively look for a job, positions have seem to have found me.  In saying this I have never wanted to wait for the “perfect – full-time” position as I have taken many opportunities to fulfil full-time hours and beyond.  I love the diversity of this career, and have juggled private practice, cooking demonstrations, nutrition promotion, Bronte Foundation and media work all within one day.  Dietetics is never dull, and is so fulfilling in whatever role I take on.  I love the fact that nutrition science continues to evolve and change and it is vital that we keep up-to-date, relevant and credible.  We are in the unique position to interpret nutrition science into practical advice for our clients.


What would be your number 1# tip to someone starting their career in dietetics?

Make it your own… never say never to any possibility that comes you way, as you never know where it will land you in your career path.  The dietetic profession is so diverse and you can make it whatever you want it to be.  Participate in as many dietetic genres as you can, and then diversify when you wish to.  Immerse yourself in nutrition science, professional development, evidence based practice and establish processes within your practice. 

What is one interesting fact about you?

Five things I cannot live without …… family, champagne & coffee, shoes, the beach and raspberries (the order can vary depending on the day!)