Teri is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian with over 17 years experience in corporate nutrition marketing. After completing her Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics in South Africa, Teri immigrated to Sydney where she began her career in nutrition marketing at Diabetes Australia, followed by 5 years at The Food Group Australia. During her first few years in Sydney, Teri obtained her sports dietitian qualifications and also completed a Diploma in Nutrition Management at The University of Wollongong and The University of Sydney.

Teri began working at Novartis Medical Nutrition in 2005, managing various brands in the healthcare portfolio. When Nestle acquired Novartis, Teri worked as a senior brand manager across the portfolio of clinical nutrition brands. After a short break to have children, Teri created a new position for herself within the company – Digital Marketing Manager for The Nestle Health Science Division. Teri worked in this role for more than 5 years and received international training from Facebook, Google and exposure to all aspects of digital and social media marketing.

In 2014, Teri decided to venture out on her own and establish FoodBytes, a nutrition consulting agency with a focus on digital communications and training. You can find out more about FoodBytes at

Teri is also an Accredited Practising Sports Dietitian, has represented DAA and SDA on a number of committees and is a board member of Nutrition Australia

Tell me a little bit about your job / describe a typical day

The only thing typical about my day is that no day is ever the same. Whether I am at a client strategy meeting or working form my laptop in the school car pick up zone, my day and my work is so diverse. In the short time frame since I established FoodBytes, I have seen the benefits of empowering my clients to embrace new media to tell their nutrition story. This may be in the form of social media content, website blogs, internal staff training, peer-to-peer digital training or strategy development. The most rewarding part of my day is that I get to spend precious time with my young children before and after school and I am fortunate that I can fit in my working week around their needs.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

The diversity of opportunities. All my clients have very different requirements for nutrition communication services and I am fortunate that I am constantly learning and working on very different projects.

Tell me a little bit about your career in dietetics thus far and/or why did you choose dietetics as a career?

I have always been interested in science and how the human body works. After school I initially wanted to study medicine but was put off by the long study time to become qualified. I chose a Bachelor of Science as my undergraduate degree and during this time, my roommate was studying to become a dietitian and it really appealed to me. During the course of my Dietetics Masters, I developed an interest in industry nutrition. My thesis project was done in corroboration with The Heart Foundation of South Africa and large corporate organisations. 

What would be your number one tip to someone starting their career in dietetics?

Network as much as possible and don’t be too fussy with your first job. I started volunteering at Diabetes Australia in NSW, which led to a paid job in the organisation. When I first graduated in South Africa, I worked for a catering company where I had to count cups and saucers as part of stocktake! However, in that job I learned valuable management skills and more importantly, realised that every job can teach you something if you have the right attitude, and you never know where it may lead.

What is one interesting fact about you

My favourite food when I was a kid was toast fingers dipped in tomato sauce!

If you want to find out more about FoodBytes, get in touch with Teri at [email protected]