Tell me a little bit about yourself

I’m currently a final year dietetics student from Latrobe University. I was born and raised in Melbourne and have always been a tad obsessed with healthy living. When I’m not studying for an exam or working on assignments I’m practicing new yoga poses, trying out new recipes, buying shoes or planning my next holiday. 


What do you most enjoy about studying dietetics?

From an outsiders view healthy eating often seems like a tough job. The thing I enjoy most about studying dietetics is learning the exact opposite. I love discovering practical ideas on how to approach healthy eating in the most convenient way possible. Something that is becoming more and more important as our already hectic schedules get even busier.   


Tell me a little bit about your study in dietetics thus far and/or why did you choose dietetics as a career?

I have always been fascinated by impact nutrition can have on our health and wellbeing and this is what first led me to studying an undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition. In my second year of the degree my passion for nutrition grew and I decided I wanted to further my education and knowledge. Once I completed my undergraduate degree I did an Honours year before beginning my Masters in Dietetics in 2013.


I choose dietetics as a career as I felt the general population did not know nearly enough on the topic, particularly as there is so many false claims and myths being released to the public on a regular basis.  I wanted to gain a deeper more scientific understanding of the role of diet in health so that I could impart my knowledge and understanding to help others and also raise awareness to the importance of good nutrition.


What would be your number one tip to someone starting their degree in dietetics?

Get as much practical experience as you possibly can, it’s the best way to learn and get as much exposure to the dietetics world as possible. 


What is one interesting fact about you?

This is a tough question, but I don’t know anyone else who for some reason cannot stand the smell of lavender!