I was lucky enough to grow up on a property in the Adelaide Hills and learned the value of eating fresh, healthy food from a young age helping my mother to pick fruit and veg straight from the garden. Growing up I loved to cook and bake and always wanted to be a chef. After a short lived school based apprenticeship during high school I decided that working in a commercial kitchen definitely was not for me so I decided to use my extensive food knowledge and passion for health to pursue a career in nutrition instead. Since making that decision I worked hard enough during year 12 to get into Flinders University studying a bachelor of nutrition and dietetics and am currently in my third year. 


A little bit about me:

I work as a barista in a cafe on weekends to get me though Uni (and to fund my love for travelling overseas) so I definitely know how to make a good cup coffee! I am one of those strange people who actually like to work out and i often find myself in the gym or out running, exercise always makes me a happier person. When Im not at uni or work, I’m usually in the kitchen creating healthy recipes which I share on my Instagram account (and soon to be blog) and prove that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring! 


Why dietetics?

I chose dietetics because I wanted to be able to help people live healthier lifestyles and be able work with people who needed help the most. Dietetics has proven to be a good decision so far as I love learning about how diet, disease and wellbeing are all inextricably linked and my course has opened up my eyes to all the factors which affect food choice. 


My tips to anyone thinking about studying dietetics:

If you love learning about food and don’t mind a bit (ok, a lot) of science, go for it! Dietetics is a great course and you get to meet so many like minded people who are just as passionate about food and health as you! For everyone reading who have only just started studying,  get involved in as many things as you can mange while at uni, join committees, volunteer if you can, I have been volunteering with OPAL Murray Bridge for a few months and it has been great to be able to put my knowledge into practice and learn new skills.