Biography/career in dietetics thus far:

I was drawn to dietetics as a career simply because I love food. I consider myself lucky to have been able to try my hand at many career pathways available to dietitians in the past 15 years – clinical dietetics in large tertiary hospitals and smaller ones both in Australia and the UK (I was one of the first people I knew to do the 2 year working holiday pilgrim!), community dietitian for over 5 years and community nutritionist working on projects as diverse as breastfeeding promotion, nutrition in the childcare setting and emergency food relief.  Whatever the role, working with children and families has always been my passion and this passion intensified after I became a mum about 6 years ago.

The idea for Kids Dig Food was sparked in my brain about 3 years ago when I was happily in a part time community nutritionist role with the Queensland Government. Sadly this year, that position was lost due to government cuts and changed political priorities. Along with many other amazingly qualified nutrition colleagues, I faced a forced career change. Facing an uncertain future really made me re-evaluate my priorities, my career and what I wanted to do.  For me, the answer was simple… I needed to grab the opportunity to make Kids Dig Food all I had been daydreaming about.  My goal was and is to approach private practice a little differently. It has meant trying things that others haven’t.  It has made me draw on every skill I possess to not only deliver services in the way I want to deliver them, but to learn on the fly actually how to run a business!  It has been and continues to be hard work but every success is my success, and I look forward to seeing Kids Dig Food evolve.


Typical day for me:

The great thing about having my own nutrition and dietetics consultancy practice is that there are no “typical days”. Every day brings new clients, new experiences and new opportunities to grow my business and to meet wonderful families and early childhood educators along the way.


#1 Tip for someone starting their career in dietetics:

Keep your mind open to the possibilities of where your career might lead you.


Interesting fact about me:

I rarely leave my house in the morning without coming back for something I’ve forgotten. It’s almost a ritual!