Throughout your career as a Dietitian you maybe faced with a particularly complex case or perhaps a patient or group of patients with an issue that you are less than familiar with. At other times research activities, career or business stagnation may have you stumped.  A mentor can give you clarity and guidance to help you gain experience and confidence in new areas to expand your horizons. Choosing the right mentor for your problem is of utmost importance.

Dr Anita Star offers a new mentor service that we have been made aware of in recent times.  Dr Star has lead a passionate and fulfilling career in dietetics over the last 12 years and is hoping to help other dietitians reach their full potential through her new Dietitian Mentoring Service. Anita’s mentoring and supervision sessions are suited to dietitians wanting to improve their clinical skills, nutrition counselling, research skills, or achieve their business and career goals.

As a growing profession Dr Star believes “ nutrition and dietetics can offer such an enormous range of opportunities for dietitians, and play key roles in improving health and health knowledge in the community. As a profession we need to continue to work hard to position ourselves as the heard experts in nutrition, develop new knowledge and grow our business and career skills”.

Anita is a national expert on obesity and eating disorders, and high level of skills in paediatric nutrition and food allergy. Dr Star has had a diverse career in many different settings. After graduating from her nutrition and dietetics degree in 2003, she went on to work in an eating and weight disorder research unit at James Cook University and as a dietitian within a general practice. Following this time Dr Star worked for a number of adult hospitals. Dr Star then gained vital practical experience at the Sydney Children’s Hospital where she worked alongside the eating disorder, allergy and general paediatric teams.

In 2012 Dr Star completed her PhD examining eating behaviours, weight status and their impact on psychological health. Anita then taught clinical dietetics and nutrition research at Griffith University on the Gold Coast before launching Dr Anita Star- Nutrition Consultant in 2014 in her hometown Albury on the New South Wales/ Victorian border.  

Dr Star is a co-author on 16 peer review papers and 2 book chapters on a wide range of topics. Her specialist skills allow her to help infants and young children with nutritional issues such as fussing eating, faltering growth and food allergy; adolescents with obesity or eating disorders and adults with complex weight issues, chronic disease or eating disorders.

Dr Star’s mentoring sessions can be tailored to meet the individuals needs and could be a mix of clinical information and advanced clinical reasoning development, assistance with exploring and building nutrition counselling or research skills, deep reflection and action plans to improve patient care or provide guidance on various other situations which can arise in a career, the sharing and development of ideas, and helping achieve business or career development goals. Sessions can be in person, over skype or telephone. For further information please call Anita on 0400 526 000 or visit