In the early 2000’s I began studying Nutrition and Dietetics in Australia before taking an early exit for an internship position with a large food company in the USA. Devastated as I was to leave so close to the end of my dietetics studies, the opportunity propelled me into the world of food and nutrition marketing that I thoroughly enjoyed and wouldn’t trade for anything. Undertaking further study in marketing and communications my career continued to grow as I went on to work for clients within the food and beverage retail, hospitality and tourism industries. I have since returned to dietetics studies at Bond University and joined the team at Dietitian Connection to utilise my existing skills in brand marketing and communications to manage the popular DC newsletter, our social media activity and digital content.


What do you most enjoy about your role?

My role with Dietitian Connection is pretty amazing … not only do I get to work with somebody as talented as Maree and Rachael, but also a host of other dietitians that are truly inspirational. Of most interest though is I actually get the chance to merge two fields that I’ve long loved – dietetics and marketing!


What would be your number 1# tip to someone starting their career in dietetics?

I honestly have no idea … but as somebody who has worked with numerous dietitians and a host of brilliantly successful individuals, my best advice in life for anybody starting out with anything would be to read, listen and learn; believe in yourself; and TAKE A RISK!


What is one interesting fact about you?

I love children’s movies, I usually cry in them, and I don’t actually have any children to hide behind my love for G-rated flicks!

And if that’s not enough, years ago I managed to talk a date into taking me to see Finding Nemo.

Then in true form; I cried in the cinema … He walked out … We were officially over!