A Hunter woman has collaborated with a team of experts to create the world’s first interactive app to educate and empower women to better understand and manage the emotions associated with their menstrual cycle.

Founder and project co-ordinator, Susan Hart, said “There are a number of apps that help women to track and understand their cycle but these are in relation to fertility.  This app is unique because it scientifically uses imagery, written content and audio features to tap into conscious and unconscious emotion to bring the user awareness of the emotions they may be experiencing and tools to make good decisions to manage those emotions on a daily basis.”

Ms Hart has collaborated with neuroscientist and University of Newcastle professor Peter Walla and accredited practising dietitian, Sally Marchini, to create the app. 

Ms Hart explains that the sophisticated but easy to use app is customised to the user’s actual cycle. Each day they are given an opportunity to check in and find out what each day might hold in store for them, physically and emotionally and what things they might do to support themselves during each phase of their cycle. Features include an emotional/fertility tracker, daily food photos and suggestions, guided meditations, astrological information, imagery and content to educate and inspire. The users of the app can also enjoy support through the website www.themoonandyou.com.au, a Facebook page called ‘The Moon and You’ and on the closed Facebook group “The Moon and You App Support Group”.

The idea for the app came from Ms Hart’s experience with IVF programs. She realised she knew next to nothing about the scientific aspect of a woman’s cycle. In seeking answers, she was introduced to meditation, yoga, nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, endocrinology, psychiatry, and chemistry. Her experience and her research and testing of the app confirmed that many women and men do not really understand much about the psychical and emotional aspect of the menstrual cycle.

The app was named in recognition of a belief that a woman’s cycle may be linked to the moon’s phases and the mythical suggestion that the moon enhances the emotional state of all living things.

“We want The Moon and You app to be a woman’s rock, her foundation, to answer all her questions around the emotional rollercoaster ride of her monthly cycle.  With the app’s ‘tracking tool’ women can overlay their emotional daily readings with the scientific monthly, hormonal chart.

“If women better understand their cycle they can make decisions to better their quality of life,” Ms Hart explained.

Neuroscientist Professor Walla added, “The app’s focus on emotional awareness creates a space for the sub-conscious intelligence (heart) to connect with the conscious decision making area (head).“ 

 A psychologist, writers, a graphic artist, a photographer, and a social media marketer have also been involved in the project. The team is planning a separate app for men to help them to better understand their partner’s cycle and emotions. The Moon and You app is available for use on both Apple and android devices. It sells for A$3.79. It can be downloaded via www.themoonandyou.com.au.