Based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, ServedUp is designed to track food and drink intake with ease. It is the first of its kind to both be focused on the Australian market and count food serves instead of calories/kilojoules. Recommendations for the number of serves in each of the 5 main food groups are provided which are tailored to an individual’s age, gender and pregnancy status.






✓ Inbuilt searchable food and drink database

✓ Create, edit, and export your personalised food diary

✓ Track key metrics for health including weight, waist circumference and BMI

✓ Access guides and general information on nutrition

✓ Suitable for all ages and genders


ServedUp is now available on the Google Play store:

Free version

Full version

ServedUp was created by Jarryd Price and Jess Browne (APD). For more information, please visit our website or contact Jarryd at [email protected]