Easily win the mental game of dieting! Keep your motivation alive, stay committed and lose weight fast! 

My Diet Coach will motivate you, help keep you on track, resist food cravings, temptations, emotional eating, exercise laziness and other challenges by:

Motivational arguments and guidelines

Helpful and necessary reminders

Notifications with your goal, motivational photos and weight chart

Weight chart

Food cravings panic button 

My Diet Coach has five main features:

1. Reminders- Add custom diet reminders (like drink water, prepare veggies, eat slowly, weigh-in).

2. Motivational photos- Keep any photo that motivates you to lose weight and be reminded about it. 

3. Perseverance Tips- Just touch the button with the challenge you are facing. Relevant motivational tips with inspiring pictures will appear. 

4. Food cravings panic button- Press the button to get all the tools you need to beat your next food craving.

5. Weight Chart – Track your weight loss progresses and use your weight chart as a motivational tool.

We all know that in order to lose weight we should consume less calories than we burn. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Do sentences like &#822I live once, who cares about nutrition?”, &#822I can’t resist that food” or &#822healthy recipes are boring” pop into your brain and ruin your diet efforts? Half of the road to fat loss is sticking to your diet, but the other half is mental –  The Diet Coach will help you to resist these destructive thoughts until resisting becomes natural to you!

Available for download from the iTunes app store.