Kalix is an integrated documentation and practice management solution that saves time and enhances client care. Its unique standardised documentation feature offers a simple way to incorporate International Dietetic and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT) into your everyday practice.

•Works on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile devices

•Organically designed for nutrition professionals, making it incredibly easy to use

•Advanced, HIPAA-compliant information security

•Cost effective and flexible to suit staff requirements

•Comprehensive email & phone support

•Requires no software installation or downloads —simply sign up and use all the features immediately



•Flexible Calendars, design your own week, share calendars with colleagues, align plans and stay connected

•Appointment Scheduling quick drag appointment bookings, save time and deliver fast service

•Easy search client database, quickly finds clients by name, ID, DOB, location and recent appointments

•Simplified Invoicing with intuitive data auto-fill

•Electronic notes with ADIME-format options to create standardised documentation

•IDNT Dictionary for finding a specific term or definition

•Automated reminders can be sent to clients for appointments or payments via SMS, text-to-voice or email


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