What this app will do for you:

Instantly calculate your patient’s estimated nutrient requirements

Instantly calculate the volume of selected feed your patient requires to meet their requirements

Provide a bolus or continuous enteral feeding regimen

Present the nutritional profile and characteristics of over 40 popular standard and specialised enteral products

Allow you to compare the nutritional profile of over 40 popular standard and specialised enteral products

Store the nutrient profile of your favourite feeds and formulae


This app provides instant calculations for:

Schofield, Harris-Benedict and Quick Energy equations

Normal patient fibre, carbohydrate, protein, fat and micronutrient requirements in line with the NRVs

Patient fluid requirements

Nutrition profile per 100mLs of feed and per volume of feed required

Feed nutrition profile comparisons

Continuous and bolus feeding calculations

Popular feeds—if it’s not in the app contact australiandietitian.com and request your feed


With decimal precision and customer support Monday–Friday 9.00am–5.00pm, Enteral Nutrition Support is a vital resource for your practice.


To download, click here or search for &#822Enteral Nutrition Support” in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad