People with Type 1 Diabetes who have completed the Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) course can now take DAFNE with them wherever they go! 


The app is a virtual support network. It features a blood glucose diary, which allows users to record their blood glucose readings, carbohydrate intake and quick acting and basal insulin doses. Blood glucose readings are coloured blue if below target, green if on target or red if over target. Users can also specify their blood glucose targets for different times of the day, and view a summary of their blood glucose readings, total daily insulin dose and corrective quick acting insulin counts.


Users can also search the DAFNE carbohydrate list to look up carbohydrate portion information. App users must change the carbohydrate portion country to Australia – it is automatically set to the United Kingdom!


This app is available free from the App Store and the Android Market