Nutritional app launch: Enjoy home cooking, whatever your dietary needs

Health Apps Ltd launches a major new version of its successful Cook&Count app in 2017. The NHS approved app helps people with medical conditions needing dietary management to cook from scratch, by providing accurate nutritional information.

Designed by health psychologist Deborah Wilder, who has a teenage son with type 1 diabetes, the app does the complex calculations to work out carbohydrates in home cooked meals, enabling those with diabetes to work out their insulin doses accurately.

The app is also used to educate calorie awareness and portion control for weight loss, and it now supports those with food allergies or intolerances, such as gluten or dairy, by highlighting which ingredients are safe or not.

Users can see the carb, fat, protein, fibre and calorie content by any size portion, save their recipes and share these with friends and family. There are lots of delicious ‘Cookbooks’ with easy to follow recipes created by Cook&Count’s dietitian, including support for specific eating plans such as low carb and gluten free.

Deborah says: “There are so many benefits to home cooking, so our mission is to get as many people cooking as possible. People who want to lose weight or who need to follow a certain diet often turn to ready meals because the nutritional information is on the packaging. Now they can cook their own, much healthier and tastier meals and still see the nutritional information.”


  • NHS approved and recommended by dietitians, nutritionists and diabetes health professionals.
  • UK or US database – based on trustworthy government databases, or add custom ingredients 
  • No crowd-sourced data – unlike other nutritional apps, custom data is not shared with other users to maintain accuracy and prevent searching through huge databases
  • Create your own digital recipe book with all your favourite recipes together in one place
  • Carefully chosen Cook&Count recipes to inspire and encourage cooking
  • Photograph your meals and share your creations with friends and family

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