Easy Diet Diary is a free iPhone app. Users can log their food and exercise and track their kilojoules/calories and weight. If they wish, they can send their diary to their dietitian to open in FoodWorks® 7 Professional.

Easy Diet Diary has an extensive all-Australian database of foods. Currently, it includes major nutrients for approximately 30 000 brand-name products and 15 000 generic foods. The brand-name data is regularly updated and the number of food products available is constantly growing.

We aim to keep Easy Diet Diary simple and elegant while providing the features users need and want. We receive a very large amount of positive feedback and this informs our continuing development. We are adding features incrementally and releasing updates on a regular basis.

Easy Diet Diary is developed by Xyris Software, makers of the trusted FoodWorks® range of nutritional analysis software. The brand-names database used in both Easy Diet Diary and FoodWorks is developed by Xyris in partnership with The George Institute for Global Health.

Easy Diet Diary is available free from the App Store.

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