Imagine having a solution for just about every client weight management challenge… you do now with these expertly crafted Tip Sheets for your clients. You can print, share or repupose any number of the 61 Tip Sheets for as many clients as you like. That’s more than one new Tip Sheet a week, at your finger tips! Matt O’Neill’s SmartShape Tip Sheet Set provides you with a simple and effective tool to help your clients improve their diet, become more active and manage their weight effectively. TIP SHEET BENEFITS > Help clients get better results by sharing Tip Sheets that help them make positive lifestyle changes. > Offer more effective advice by giving clients solutions for their specific dietary challenges, for example, eating out, eating at night or social eating. > Combat dietary misinformation with quality education produced by Dietitian, Matt O’Neill. > Reduce the pressure to deliver verbal advice about diet and weight loss with take-home reading. > Keep clients coming back for more information that they can share with their family and friends. > Add value to your service by discussing and reviewing each Tip Sheet topic. IDEAS FOR USING THE TIP SHEETS > Simply add nutrition education to your one-on-one client sessions by offering a new Tip Sheet each week – you receive 61 Tip Sheets. > Provide each participant in your group training with a new Tip Sheet at the end of each session – a great talking point. > Place and promote a new Tip Sheet at reception each week – an extra for all members. > Include a Tip Sheet in your regular client mailouts – a valuable addition to your newsletter and marketing information. > Promote your services with the added benefit of weekly Tip Sheets – add this feature to your brochure. TIP SHEET LIST 1. Diet confusion – How do I rate? 2. Diet myths that won’t go away 3. 7 Questions about diet stories 4. 10 Keys to diet success 5. 51 reasons to be active 6. 51 ways to be active 7. My physical activity plan (worksheet) 8. A well stocked kitchen 9. Lower fat cooking tips 10. Weekly dinner planner (worksheet) 11. Supermarket shopping tips 12. Money saving grocery tips 13. My smart grocery list 14. Food label facts 15. Understanding nutrition claims 16. Reading nutrition panels 17. Tips for lower calorie fast foods 18. Cutting fat when dining out 19. Planning your restaurant meal 20. Alcoholic drink calorie counter 21. Tips to limit alcohol intake 22. Fruit and veg – What is a serve? 23. New fruits and veggies I can try 24. Top 10 super healthy foods 25. Tips to avoiding portion distortion 26. 10 feel-full fundamentals 27. Eating at night 28. Chocolate cravings 29. Things to do instead of eating 30. High calorie food traps 31. Partying without the pounds 32. Waist wise Christmas tips 33. Low fat festive food tips 34. Beating eating triggers – Sensations 35. Beating eating triggers – Locations 36. Beating eating triggers – Emotions 37. Beating eating triggers – Relations 38. My success support crew – Buddies 39. My success support crew – Cheerleaders 40. My success support crew – Hecklers 41. My success support crew – Saboteurs 42. What stresses me out? 43. Tips to reduce stress 44. Time management – How do I rate? 45. 8 time winning strategies 46. My time plan (worksheet) 47. 7 reasons why plateaus occur 48. 7 ways to break a plateau 49. Habit swap and stop worksheet 50. Traps that put you off track 51. Tips to stay on track 52. Helping an overweight child 53. Helping the fussy eater 54. Tips for healthy family eating 55. Boosting family physical activity 56. 7 Stages of dieting 57.Re-energising my efforts 58. Slips don’t have to be setbacks 59. 7 Reasons to laugh more 60. How to laugh more 61. Things to make you laugh COST See website for cost of single or multi-user packages.

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