Much more than Powerpoint… 20 seminars with handouts, presenter guide and audio of Matt O’Neill presenting to save you time, effort and hassle building your own client seminars. PRESENTER PACKAGE BENEFITS > Easily add seminars to your nutrition and fitness services. > Integrate powerful education sessions into your wellbeing program. > Prepare your professional looking seminars in a fraction of time. > Say ‘Yes’ to seminar requests because the preparation work has been done for you. > Develop your presentation skills to a new level and even a new career. > Offer professional participant handouts at every seminar. > Offer more effective advice by giving clients solutions for their specific dietary challenges, for example, eating out, eating at night or social eating. > Keep clients coming back for more information that they can share with their family and friends. > Combat dietary misinformation with quality education produced by Dietitian and Professional Speaker, Matt O’Neill. SEMINAR TOPICS & HANDOUTS 1. Cutting Diet Confusion > Diet confusion – How do I rate? > Diet myths that won’t go away > 7 Questions about diet stories > 10 Keys to diet success 2. Activating Activity > 51 reasons to be active > 51 ways to be active > My physical activity plan (worksheet) 3. Cooking Lean > A well stocked kitchen > Lower fat cooking tips > Weekly dinner planner (worksheet) 4. Supermarket Savvy > Supermarket shopping tips > Money saving grocery tips > My smart grocery list 5. Food Label Lowdown > Food label facts > Understanding nutrition claims > Reading nutrition panels 6. Eating Well Eating Out > Tips for lower calorie fast foods > Cutting fat when dining out Planning your restaurant meal > 7. Alcohol Smarts > Alcoholic drink calorie counter > Tips to limit alcohol intake 8. Optimum Eating > Fruit and veg – What is a serve? > New fruits and veggies I can try > Top 10 super healthy foods 9. Healthy Appetites > Tips to avoiding portion distortion > 10 feel-full fundamentals 10. Eating Right at Night > Eating at night > Chocolate cravings > Things to do instead of eating 11. Successful social eating > High calorie food traps > Partying without the pounds > Waist wise Christmas tips > Low fat festive food tips 12. Beating Eating Triggers > Beating eating triggers – Sensations > Beating eating triggers – Locations > Beating eating triggers – Emotions > Beating eating triggers – Relations 13. Success Support Crew > My success support crew – Buddies > My success support crew – Cheerleaders > My success support crew – Hecklers > My success support crew – Saboteurs 14. Stress to success > What stresses me out? > Tips to reduce stress 15. Making Time > Time management – How do I rate? > 8 time winning strategies > My time plan (worksheet) 16. Outsmarting plateaus > 7 reasons why plateaus occur > 7 ways to break a plateau 17. Staying on track > Habit swap and stop worksheet > Traps that put you off track > Tips to stay on track 18. Family Fitness > Helping an overweight child > Helping the fussy eater > Tips for healthy family eating > Boosting family physical activity 19. Dealing with slip ups > 7 Stages of dieting > Re-energising my efforts > Slips don’t have to be setbacks 20. Laughing more > 7 Reasons to laugh more > How to laugh more > Things to make you laugh WHAT YOU GET > 20 Seminars prepared and ready to present > 2-4 Tip Sheets per seminar – all 60 Tip Sheets in the SmartShape Tip Sheet Set (see other product listing) > 20 Minute audio of every seminar delivered by Matt O’Neill (over 6 hours of audio) > Written transcripts to read and make notes on before you present > Professional Powerpoint slides for each seminar on CD > Easy-to-follow written Seminar Presenter’s Guides and Seminar Snapshots > All delivered to you in an ordered 3-ring folder with Powerpoint & audio now by download. COST See website for cost of single or multi-user packages. We can even add your logo to all the handouts. Less effort, more impact, more rewards!

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