New Book Release “Growing Baby Bean A Complete Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition’ by Dr Anita Star & Leah Vandervliet.

Growing Baby Bean is a beautifully crafted book, with 13 chapters covering all aspects of pregnancy nutrition, and over 60 beautifully photographed full colour recipes. Designed for educated pregnant women, it would also be beneficial for dietitians wanting to update their knowledge in this field.

What’s new for dietitians?

With a different target market; and an ongoing explosion of research in pregnancy nutrition after the Australian NHMRC dietary guidelines and food group recommendations were published, we have provided differing and more detailed advice on a range of Pregnancy Nutrition topics. Including:

–       Greater emphasis on Mediterranean style eating patterns. 

–       Separate food group recommendations for the first trimester v.s. later trimesters taking into account the differing requirements over the course of pregnancy.

–       Detailed discussion on Gut Health and Probiotics

–       Strategies on improving body image, and on achieving healthful weight management in pregnancy.

Each chapter is referenced to give readers the confidence that recommendations are backed by evidence.

RRP $69.95, wholesale rates available for bulk purchases. Further Information at