New Nutrition Care Process online short course

Our colleagues at Edith Cowan University have just launched the Dietitians online Nutrition Care Process (DoNCP) short course to support YOU and provide education in the Nutrition Care Process (NCP).

There is a beginner (no prerequisites required) and advanced (those who have begun using NCP in practice) course. Start times are listen below

– Guidance by an international NCP expert
– Individualised feedback on case study activities
– Exclusive access to educational resources and activities, including the official Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics eNCPT website (valued at US$100).
– The opportunity to network, learn, and connect with other clinical dietitians
– Up to 24 hours of assessable professional development

Next start dates



The DoNCP training is evidenced based, and has been shown to significantly improve NCP knowledge and confidence. Dietitians completing the course report being comfortable to use the NCP in practice.