Developed by award-winning dietitian and author Shamala Ratnesar, The Total LIFE Diet, is a groundbreaking nutrition, health and weight loss program that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Shamala wrote this book because her clients have achieved extraordinary results, and she now wants to share with everyone the ultimate secrets to lifelong health and lasting weight loss. 


The Total LIFE Diet is a complete diet and lifestyle program that is scientifically based, yet practical, easy and delicious and focuses on getting results for YOU. 


You will be empowered to:


•Beat pre-diabetes!


•Control diabetes


•Combat inflammation


•Prevent cancer


•Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure


•Prevent and manage heart disease


•Boost your brain power, energy and vitality


•Be happier!


•Lose weight for life


Learn about the miracle of omega-3s, why food quantities are vital, how to read food labels when shopping and how to eat delicious and filling food and still lose weight! 


Yes – you can enjoy all your favourite foods without the artery-clogging saturated fat! On this diet you can actually have healthy versions of eggs Benedict, pizza, burgers, fish and chips, trifle and black forest cake.


There is HOPE for all. It is the key to a long, lean, healthy and happy life:


Healthy & Tasty Diet

Omega-3 Magic!

Positive Thinking & Positive Action



464 pagesRRP $35.00

Available from all good bookstores and The Total LIFE Diet Centre

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