This compact 82-page guide addresses some of the most common questions asked by ‘bandsters’ (those people with an adjustable gastric band or lap band).

This pocket guide is a special selection of advice and information shared between thousands of ‘bandsters’ and our dietitians at Wesley Nutrition Centre. It is an advanced guide.

Tips and quotes from fellow ‘bandsters’ are merged with practical smart advice that addresses everyday issues such as:

  • what to do when foods get stuck
  • impulse eating
  • knowing when to have an adjustment
  • what to do when weight loss stalls
  • belching, burping and tummy rumbles
  • guarding against sabotage
  • breakfast solutions
  • smart choices when eating out

Feedback and comments from both our experienced and novice ‘bandster’ clients has been positive

  • “It’s like you’ve been watching me and been writing about me! It mirrors and helps explain what I feel sometimes”
  • “…insightful. Are you sure you don’t have a band as well?””
  • “confronting in parts, reality can be tough”
  • “…the quotes make me realise I am not alone. To see other people have the same thoughts and problems is reassuring.”
  • “Every now and then I read this again because it makes it easier for me to understand my band”

Proudly designed in Australia.

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