Dieting strives on making us feel like failures. We switch on and off our diets with every little circuit break such as a work meeting or birthday celebration. 

We know that with weight loss, you’re either a success or a failure. But, what if there were something in between. Somewhere that you could still lose weight and still be healthy, while achieving your career, financial and personal goals. What if you could really have your cake and eat it too! Whatever your reason, The Good Enough Diet delivers great results for people who want to be healthy but don’t have time to be obsessive. 

This breakthrough book by two of Australia’s leading health industry experts is the first diet book written with the collaborative expertise of an Accredited Practising Dietitian and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. 

The book is the product of over 20 years of combined experience and seeing over 10,000 clients on their journey to successful and long term weight loss. 

Effective dieting is about doing the things that give you the biggest bang for your buck. Rather than focussing on the little unimportant things, Tara and Adam help you prioritize and know what will give you the best results within your limited time and energy. 

The best way to approach weight loss is to forget being perfect and just focus on being good enough. Trying to be great could be the nemesis to being good. This is why we end up yo-yo dieting and being ruled by weight loss cycle forever. 

This book will change your mindset around losing weight. After reading this book you will find out that they just have to be good enough. Near enough is good enough to lose weight.

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