Of the 13067 bariatric surgeries claimed through Medicare Australia last financial year, 64% were for sleeve gastrectomies.

You’re right in thinking you manage more new clients with sleeves than other bariatric procedures if you practice in NSW, Qld, WA and ACT where more than 69% of all bariatric procedures within those locations were sleeve gastrectomies.

Different bariatric procedures deliver different challenges and each demands a unique approach to eating, drinking and nutrition support.

So isn’t it about time you had a resource to use exclusively with your sleeve gastrectomy clients? A comprehensive resource specific to sleeve gastrectomy that you can tailor to suit your client?

Well it’s here and it’s called The Gastric Sleeve Guide. Food, nutrition and lifestyle solutions before and after your sleeve gastrectomy. Written by respected and highly experienced bariatric Accredited Practising Dietitian Trudy Williams, this book is a valuable addition to your bariatric toolkit and for your clients to take home and use.

The Gastric Sleeve Guide explores the following topics and much more:

•what to do in the countdown to surgery

•which blood tests to have

•how to power up your day with the best food choices

•how much protein to consume with a protein counter

•how to conquer occupation and sporting hazards

•answers to common myths and challenges

•lifestyle advice that goes beyond exercise

•meal planning solutions

•snacks for success

•ways to tackle ‘head hunger’

•how to reduce weight regain

The Gastric Sleeve Guide also includes more than 20 guiding worksheets covering topics such as behaviour change, motivation, monitoring, biochemistry tracking, food choice and more. 

Read more about it and reserve your copy at FoodTalk (order before 10th Oct 2014 for the introductory offer shown at FoodTalk).

Contact Trudy if you want six or more copies or wish to discuss The Gastric Sleeve Guide further. Discounts apply for dietitians.