Written for dietitians and other health care professionals, The Dietitian’s Guide to Vegetarian Diets is an aid for counselling vegetarian clients and individuals who may wish to become one.

Evidenced based and referenced, this text includes sample menus, case studies and practical information. This edition also features common interest of vegetarian diets for infants, children, teens and pregnant and lactating women. The text includes a good guide that can be used by vegetarians throughout the life-cycle as well as for multiple kinds of vegetarian diets such as laco-ovo, lacto and vegan. Benefits of using vegetarian diets in the treatment of hyerlipidemia, hyertension, type 2 diabetes and obesity are also included within the text.

Includes preparation of food techniques for commonly used vegetarian foods such as soy health and safety, replacing eggs in cooking and preparing grains and beans.

Overall, a comprehensive guide to vegetarian diets and their health effects.

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