Has life as you once knew it changed all of a sudden? Are you feeling emotionally heavy, confused, or at a loss with your current situation?

Any life changing event, be it a break-up or separation from a partner, a close friendship falling apart, the loss of a job, or even the passing of a relative, can all have a dramatic effect on your overall wellbeing.

Appetites can diminish, or increase to the other extreme of binge eating and drinking; these are all common human responses during a stressful life-changing event.

Food is a powerful tool.

By fueling yourself with the nutrients that your body needs to boost your feel good hormones, manage your weight, and elevate your energy levels, you will be able to optimize your ability to move forward, and confidently be the best possible version of yourself in this next, even better, chapter of your exciting life.

After reading The Clean Separation you will be empowered to be able to:

1.Elevate your mood-boosting hormones through nutritious dietary choices. 

2.Select foods that help your mind stay focused and enhance your energy levels. 

3.Lay out in a clear framework your own personalized ‘business plan’, which will provide 
a structure for you to follow and efficiently move into the next stage of your life. 

4.Approach social situations confidently on your own through the use of 
strategic relationship-building techniques. 

5.Implement dietary and lifestyle behaviors from around the globe that can assist in 
improving your overall wellbeing. 

6.Feel confident ordering off a menu when dining out, to ensure you keep your waistline 
in shape whilst still enjoying yourself. 

7.Clearly formulate active date ideas that result in you burning more calories than you 

8.Modify alcoholic beverages in order to keep the calories down whilst still satisfying 
your desire for a drink. 

9.Prepare quick, tasty, and nutritious meals, snacks and low calorie cocktails that 
promote mood enhancement, overall health and wellbeing, or weight management. 

10.Gain perspective of your current situation so that you feel in control and 
believe in your ability to move forward in life. 

With the right perspective, frame of mind, and positive attitude, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to; trust me, I have done it, it’s true.


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