The SENSE-ational Mealtimes book is available to help families make SENSE
of tricky mealtime behaviour, fussy/picky eating and feeding difficulties.

By Gillian Griffiths (OT) and Denise Stapleton (APD)
[email protected]

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Do you have a child who struggles to enjoy family mealtimes? Be assured
you are not alone as nearly half of families with young children
experience difficulties around mealtimes that are often accompanied with
feelings of frustration, confusion, annoyance, worry, distress and anger.

The SENSE-ational Mealtimes book is for you if you are a caregiver of a
child who:
– eats few foods
– refuses entire food groups
– will not eat family meals
– becomes anxious, tantrums or gags when presented with new foods
– finds security in a particular food being present at every meal, which
has been prepared the same way.