This book is about healthy eating for breast cancer survivors when they have finished treatment. The authors’ aim was to write a resource that: had nutrition information in plain simple terms to help breast cancer survivors meet their nutritional needs; is relevant to the interests and concerns of breast cancer survivors; is based on the best evidence to date; provides practical advice that women can use when purchasing, preparing and eating food; and increases knowledge to help survivors when making decisions about nutrition related issues.

The book is divided into sections including Healthy Eating for Breast Cancer Survivors, Nutrition Tips and Nutritional Advice during Chemotherapy for common problems that may interfere with food intake during chemotherapy.  Additionally, there is a section on Motivation, Goal Setting and Behaviour Change to help people make the desired changes. Patients often report that may receive much information from family and friends, some helpful and some not, which can be a challenge to navigate so there is a  chapter on Eating Out, Social Eating and Food Fairies to support decision making in this area. The last section lists Frequently Asked Questions, which addresses common concerns about nutrition, and the safety of the Australian food supply. It provides information on a range of topics including “organic foods”, “wheatgrass” and “artificial sweeteners”.

Throughout the book, references to current research have been made to highlight the rationale behind dietary recommendations that are made. This is important, as some of the most recent research findings may be different to the beliefs that cancer survivors hold about the links between diet and cancer, and also different to older information sources. New research published on the relationship between diet and cancer recurrence in breast cancer survivors, which will be discussed in detail in this book. Websites are also included for those who want more information on a particular topic. 

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Susan Hart is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, and has specialised in eating disorders as a researcher and clinician. Her special interests have been in developing an evidence base to the nutrition and dietetic management in this area. She is currently Program Manager of a tertiary eating disorder service in Sydney and is Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Boden Institute of Nutrition, Obesity, Exercise and Eating Disorders, at the University of Sydney. She is also on the executive committee of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders and on the editorial board of The Journal of Eating Disorders.

During her career, Susan has been passionate about delivering evidence based nutrition interventions to individuals with eating disorders. However, in 2011 she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Towards the end of her own treatment, she became interested in writing a resource that translated the latest research on diet and nutrition to breast cancer survivors in a format that was practical, relevant and easy to read. During her own journey she was startled by the lack of dietary information for breast cancer survivors, as she believes in the importance of accessible and accurate nutrition information.