This is a practical sports nutrition manual for recreational and elite athletes, coaches, trainers and health professionals. This manual is now used by Sports Dietitians Australia, high schools and education institutions as a text book. Published in the US, it and has been popular with athletes in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and north America. It is on the recommended reading list of the Australian Institute of Sport. It’s a must for anyone serious about their sports performance.

How this book will benefit you:


  • How successful people eat to lose body fat
  • How to eat to get the best performance from your body
  • How to get enough carbohydrates for endurance
  • How to get enough protein
  • Finding the best nutrition supplements
  • Eating to bulk up
  • The best pre-sport meals
  • The best fluids for sport
  • Tips for travelling & avoiding jet lag
  • Getting enough iron & calcium

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