Eat To Cheat Ageing is a new book by dietitian Ngaire Hobbins. It came about after years of frustration in geriatric clinical practice seeing way too many older clients who were caught in a vicious spiral of ill heath and physically and mentally frailty mostly because they had not been eating to support their ageing bodies.

Ngaire found nothing that could help people approaching their later years to understand what they should be eating and why to prevent such tragedy befalling them – hence the book was conceived. Eat To Cheat Ageing is the result of years in practice combined with a thorough review of the nutritional science in ageing but it’s written for the everyday reader.

It applies most to people from their late 60s on, but is important reading for those heading there in the next decade or so and it’s a valuable resource for health professionals with an interest in geriatrics as it’s a thorough overview of the current science in this area, albeit written in consumer language.

It highlights the pivotal importance of muscle in both physical and mental health and helps readers understand what they need to do, and why, to support it. It looks at dementia – what it is and isn’t and how you might be able to avoid it or minimise its impact. It covers issues with appetite, providing a range of strategies to cope when it falters. It discusses bodyweight and what to aim for in later age, diabetes when older and gives advice on eating to prepare for surgery and to recover from illness or accident.

There are also three eating plans: one for those currently fit and well to help them avoid decline, one for those who have lost some weight, having a few eating issues, or who have extra needs due to surgery or recovery/rehabilitation and finally, for those who have become frail and who need active nutritional support.

Older people value continued independence and engagement in life as they age highly and this book aims to gives them the understanding and guidance to achieve that.

The book is available from bookstores (you may have to get them to order it in) or both the print and ebook versions via the website: