‘Eat to Beat Cholesterol’ written by Nicole Senior, APD & Veronica Cuskelly

— Review by Kaila Brnabic, APD


Eat to Beat Cholesterol, 3rd Edition, written by Nicole Senior and Veronica Cuskelly, is a well-written and engaging book filled with information that is relevant to anyone wanting to improve their diet. Comprised of four main sections it covers the importance of looking after your heart and the role of cholesterol, specific foods and cholesterol, a number of great recipes and finally an example meal plan to assist in putting this new information into practice. The different sections of the book make it easy for readers to apply the information to their individual lifestyle.

The witty and simple language used makes reading and understanding the information easy for people with little to no scientific background. In particular, the use of everyday metaphors such as the heart as an ‘engine room’ are something that everyone can relate to. You can sense by reading the book, that the authors are genuine in their intentions and have evidence to back up any claims. The little boxes filled with tips and quick summaries are a great way to covey the important points of the section and provide an excellent overview for readers. One of the impressive things about this book is the way that it addresses current issues such as fad diets, the role of fats in the diet and the importance of sustainable and healthy weight loss. In today’s society where these are highly contentious topics, it is essential to address these and ‘Eat to Beat Cholesterol’ has done so in a commendable way. The section covering heart-friendly foods is a great way for readers to learn about the role of foods such as vegetables, fish, eggs, and healthy fats and oils.

The large range of recipes included in this book is suited to all people with different tastes, lifestyles and dietary requirements. With meals requiring between 5 minutes to 45 minutes preparation time, there is something for everyone regardless of time constraints. In trailing the recipe ‘Cheese, Chive and Chia Scones’, the preparation and cooking time was exactly the same as stated in the book and they were a delicious morning or afternoon tea snack. The meal plan section is also helpful for those that require help applying the information and provides some excellent, healthy options for the day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Overall, this book is a wonderful tool for anyone who reads it, whether they are just starting out or wish to improve an already wholesome diet and as a dietitian, I would definitely recommended it to patients and other health professionals alike.


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