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Catherine Saxelby’s Food and Nutrition Companion – The Ultimate A-Z Guide


·             Over 500 entries on 400 pages

·             A to Z format from Acai to Zinc

·             The nutrition reference book to end all reference books.

Catherine’s latest book — a detailed and comprehensive A to Z guide that makes nutrition easy-to-understand and interesting to read.  Get the benefit of Catherine’s lifetime of experience in nutrition in her latest book. It’s packed full of everything you want know from antioxidants to vitamins – and everything in between. 

Solid, no-nonsense, practical advice

This food and nutrition companion puts solid advice and hundreds of practical tips about food and health at your fingertips. Catherine spells out all the facts about food, diet and health, providing clear and authoritative advice on everything you need to know about nutrition.  In fact, this Ultimate A- Z Guide is packed with the sensible, down-to earth, no-fuss type of advice you’ve come to expect from Catherine. 

Your questions answered

This book explains why you need certain nutrients, how to get them easily and practically and what can happen if you run short. It also answers common questions such as what’s the best oil to buy, how much sugar should you eat, what’s the difference between a Use-by and a Best-before date, and can you substitute frozen vegetables for fresh?

Shopper’s guides

Catherine Saxelby’s Food and Nutrition Companion also gives you shopper’s guides to everyday foods like breakfast cereals, breads, eggs, milks, sauces, yoghurts, snacks, beverages, teas, coffees and more.


·             How to eat to beat a variety of common health problems from high cholesterol and diabetes to osteoporosis and coeliac disease

·             Tips on what to eat when you are expecting

·             What you need to know about food additives and allergens

·             How to de-code a food label with it’s ingredient list and nutrition panel

·             Eating to boost your immune system and stay healthy

·             The super foods that stand the test of time from quinoa to chia

·             The truth about diets and long-term weight loss

·             How to fix the ‘baddies’ – sugar, salt, fat, caffeine and alcohol

Why I wrote this book – Catherine’s answer

“I’ve written this book because I wanted to help people understand the ins and outs of nutrition better so they can select the healthier options when they’re shopping – without making it a chore.

“We live in a world where modern life ‘conspires’ to make you fat. Junk food is widely available (think of all those vending machines and petrol stations) and cheap, yet it’s packed with all the things we shouldn’t be eating like refined carbs, trans fats, saturated fat, sugar and salt. My aim is to give alternatives that are healthy, quick and taste good. “

Published by Hardie Grant Books

ISBN 0 781741 172690

RRP $45

400 pages



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