About the book:

Body Warfare starts where the other diet books end. This is the icing on any weight loss attempt, in that it provides strategies for the reader to not only lose weight but keep it off.

There is always an assumption with diet books that people trying to lose weight have endless motivation and they will be able to keep it off when the diet stops. If this actually worked the diet industry would not be thriving as it is. 

Body Warfare shows the reader how to recognise those eating habits and thoughts which ensure they always put the weight back on and provides a strategy to keep motivation levels high; introducing the S.T.A.R Strategy, a step wise approach guaranteed to reboot flagging motivation levels, it’s simple to remember and easy to apply.

The book guides the reader through a process of self discovery, learning how their usual thought patterns sabotage weight loss attempts. Body Warfare uses examples that every “dieter” will see themself in and provides a framework for what a healthy lifestyle could look like without deprivation and dieting.

Body Warfare is different to other weight loss books as it recognises that people who are chronic dieters are there due to the way they use food not because they don’t know what they should be eating. Body Warfare provides many practical examples of how people sabotage themselves which reinforces to the reader that they are not alone in thinking the way they do, but also provides suggestions for changes which will create sustainable weight loss.

About me:

As an APD working for 12 years in the community health sector Lisa has learned that nutrition counselling and education is not just about telling people what they should do. To this end Lisa has done further training in, brief solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and health coaching in order to assist people make lifestyle changes. Lisa has been a member of the working party for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia’s (DAA), developing the “Best Practise guidelines for the Treatment of Overweight and Obesity” and is a current DAA media spokesperson..

Lisa also runs her private practise, Body Warfare Nutrition, from Ringwood.


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