About the Book

We all know that processed foods, such as refined wheat, lack the nutritional goodness of whole-grain foods—but did you know that many whole grains provide similar, if not stronger, health benefits than fruit and vegetables? Most of us choose our food for flavor rather than nutrition, and whole foods have had an undeserved reputation for being bland and old-fashioned. Ancient Grains seeks to overturn this misconception, revealing that limiting yourself to refined wheat and white rice is like painting with only one color, while cooking with ancient grains offers a rich palette of flavorful whole-grain meals.

About the Author

Catherine Saxelby B Sc, Grad Dip Nutr & Dietetics, APD , AN , MAIFST is a well-known Australian nutritionist and award-winning author of ten books, including the best-selling Nutrition for Life and her latest volume, Complete Food and Nutrition Companion. She has written more than 2,000 articles for magazines and Web sites on all aspects of food, health, and well-being during a career that has spanned 20 years.


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