We profiled Nutritionist & Dietitian, Nina Mills, about her Business What’s for eats?, blogging and her career.

Why did you choose to start your own business?
It was for two reasons really. The first was that I couldn’t find any advertised positions that didn’t require weight management as part of the role. I am a weight-neutral, Health At Every Size dietitian, so this didn’t sit well with me. I also have a background in project work and operations and enjoy food photography which are a bit of a random set of skills, so, I figured the best way to utilise everything I enjoy doing was to create the job I wanted!
Did you have any sliding door moments in your career?
Funnily enough, my sliding door moment was making the decision to become a dietitian. I was very unsatisfied in my job at the time. I arrived at work early one morning and looked around the empty office and asked myself if I could seriously see myself working there in 12 months’ time. When the answer was No, I logged onto my computer and enrolled to do the biochemistry units I needed to meet the pre-requisites to apply for dietetics. 12 months later, I was taking my long service leave to go back to Uni to become a dietitian.


What are the top 3 questions that other dietitians ask you?
I often get asked these three at the same time!
Did you build your own website?
Do you take your own photos?
Did you do a photography course?

Last book you read: I have developed this habit of being part-way through about five different books at the one time. So, if I think back to the last book I actually finished, it was Remarkability by Lorraine Murphy.
Favourite mobile app: has to be Instagram!
Favourite / most inspirational quote: “When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers” – Ellyn Satter
My favourite tool to keep me organised is: I like Asana. I can project manage all the work I do for various clients along with my own business projects all in the one place.


Please tell us about What’s for eats?
What’s for eats? is a place where you can escape the diet noise and find information and support to help you tune into your body, your eating and nutrition. There’s no judgment and you won’t be prescribed diets, given meal plans, told to restrict your food or count calories. What you will find are tasty recipes and information to help you feel good eating.


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