Dietitian Connection Scientific Advisory Board member and Bond University’s Professor Liz Isenring takes over the chair of the international Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) Nutrition and Cachexia Study Group which specialises in supportive care for people with cancer.

Professor Isenring has recently been appointed as program lead for the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics Practice in Bond University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine.

She is the first Australian dietitian to be appointed to chair the group and will hold the post for the next three years.

One of her first tasks as head of the MASCC Nutrition and Cachexia group will be to chair a workshop on Integrated Care Pathways for patients with cancer at the International MASCC symposium this June in Miami, Florida.

“I believe the greatest impact one can have in terms of improving the nutritional care for patients and their families is via research and helping to translate this evidence into improved patient services and outcomes,” she said. “With cancer now the biggest killer in Australia and up to 40% of all cancers being related to poor diet and lifestyle, this work is more important than ever.”

&#822The MASCC symposium in Miami in June will spotlight excellent science and cutting edge research aimed at enhancing the lives of people coping with cancer.”