Performance is a funny thing – it means different things to each of us and there’s no doubt it’s one thing to perform and yet another to achieve success. It’s this link between performance and success that inspired Julie to discover what some of the world’s top performers do to enable them to be the best in their fields. Innate talent and motivation are common threads, but more often it’s the tactics and strategies they’ve developed and honed over the years that allow them to gain an advantage and stay at the top of their game.

Julie Meek is a thought leader and keynote speaker in peak performance. She inspires leaders to achieve personal success by utilising the strategies of world class athletes and performers at the top of their game. In sport, some of Julie’s high profile clients include the Fremantle Dockers Football team, the champion Perth Wildcats team and many Olympic athletes across all sports at the Western Australian Institute of Sport. She brings the attributes of elite athletes to business to assist leaders and their teams in achieving high performance.

Julie is known for her signature no-nonsense approach and unique ability to inspire immediate action.

Over the past 20 years, Julie has partnered with many top performers across business, elite sport, politics, health, medicine, arts and culture, property, philanthropy and many other industries, helping them achieve the highest levels of professional and personal success. She is a coach, qualified Sports Dietitian and degree qualified in Health Promotion.

Julie Meek is also the author of truth, lies and chocolate (Finalist in the World Food Media Awards) and ‘Ready, Set…Go’. She is the resident performance expert on a top rating Australian radio station and her expertise is sought across all media channels.

Julie loves to challenge herself by running marathons.


I started blogging because every day I get asked questions about nutrition and performance and it seemed like the ideal way to communicate with people in an engaging way. I love to write and rather than one person getting the answer, it can be shared with many.  It is also a good way to communicate with people outside of my more formal monthly newsletter and of course assists with my marketing through valuable content.

My blog covers various issues and topics on peak performance as a whole including nutrition, exercise, travel, stress, sleep and managing personal well-being.