Why did you start blogging?

I initially started my blog when I moved to Canberra in 2013 to study my masters degree. It was mainly a way for my mum to stay up to date with what I was eating and a place to practice my nutrition writing skills. Then as my reader list extended to beyond my mum, my blog transformed into a place where I felt confident enough to post some of my recipes, ramble about nutrition in the media, and let the world know that I had a life outside of being a dietitian (that life being full of food but that’s beside the point).  


What does your blog cover?

Because you can never reflect too much in both your personal and professional life (DAA did not pay me to say that), I created my blog Cheering for Nutrition so that I had a place to store my own food, health and nutrition reflections.

Sometimes I post a recipe of a new dish I have trialled. Or I might mention the fitness or travel adventures I tend to go on. Other times I discuss a current topic of interest in the nutrition field or review a product on the supermarket shelves. But more often than not I gloat over the amazing brunch dishes I taste-test around Melbourne.  



Jenna Obeid is an Accredited Practising Dietitian working clinically for a rural health service outside of Melbourne. Her job responsibilities include treating hospital in-patients, community out-patients and aged care residents for a range of nutrition-related health conditions.

Outside of her clinical work, Jenna has also formed many other food and nutrition partnerships where she undertakes a range of tasks such as nutrition writing, consulting and recipe analysis. 

In her spare time Jenna loves to cook, go out for brunch and train in the sport of competitive cheerleading. If she is not busy doing all of the above, she is sitting down with a big cup of tea and blogging at www.cheeringfornutrition.com


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