As students, nutritionists and dietetic professionals we all have one thing in common (apart from loving yummy food), a desire to make the world a healthier place and a need to share, discuss and develop ideas about individualised nutrition, public health, the environment and our futures. The dinners organised by Dietitian Connection fills this need and is a platform that all dietietic professionals should be involved in at least once.

Last Wednesday a very special occasion was held, the inaugural dinner for Dietitian Connection. The evening was a little bit of a daunting one. Driving North to Brisbane gave me an entire hour to consider what I might say to the speaker, Susie Burrell – whom is an author, entrepreneur and works within the media. I was actively trying to come up with strategies around how I would get Susie’s attention and what questions I may have to ask in order to make the night a successful one. Amazingly, as I walked into Moda restaurant, I was greeted by wholesome flavours of European food, wine and the lovely Dr Maree Ferguson. To my pleasant surprise, I was also personally introduced to Susie. I couldn’t believe it, this wasn’t a large conference or seminar where you have to get yourself heard, this was intimate, and by intimate I mean there were ten of us in total. All of us were from completely different backgrounds, some with a world of knowledge, recent graduates and others whom were just starting out, like myself. I was there to gain as much knowledge as possible, insight into my future career and learn the tricks to real entrepreneurship. Now Susie is the epitome of a successful woman. We listened with wonder to her daily and weekly routine, her career and how she got to where she is today. She spoke about owning a business, being an individual and staying educated. Over a Catalonian inspired menu this is what Susie passed onto us: identify what you want; have an opinion, own it but make sure you can back it up; time is absolutely everything and in business time is money; pre-empt and stay up to date with everything around you locally; make sure you travel for global perspective; read everything; differentiate between your brand and the you as an individual and finally have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to keep you on track.

Connection is priceless and one of the biggest lessons I learnt from Susie that night was: say yes to everything! If there is one thing you do this year, treat yourself and attend an event organised by Dietitian Connection. Even if it is to gain some motivation, get inspired or simply make a new friend, this is where magic happens!

By Rebecca Norris

Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics student

Bond University

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