by Alana Willis

What is it?
John West Tuna Pasta Salads are a ready to eat snack containing pasta, tuna and vegetables. These snacks come in 3 different flavors including Italian Style, Mexican Salsa and Balsamic Dressing.


–  These salads are pre-packed and come with a spork to provide a quick, mess free and convenient lunch or snack.

–  These salads come in individual 190g packs, which helps with portion size control.

–  Good source of marine omega 3 for cardiovascular and brain health.

–  Good source of lean protein.

–  Source of dietary fibre, 2.3-4.9g/ serving.

–  Shelf stable so can be stored in your bag or draw for a quick, healthy snack


–  High salt content (570mg per serving). The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends consuming between 460-920 mg of sodium per day.

–  Use of white pasta. Wholegrain pasta would increase the dietary fibre content of this product.

 Final Evaluation:

John West Tuna Pasta Salads are an acceptable lunch or snack option for those who are on the go and need to save time on food preparation. This convenient product is a good source of lean protein and omega 3s. Eaten with a side salad or vegetables they would make this a healthy lunch option. However consumers, and especially those with high blood pressure need to consider the high salt content and the refined, white pasta in the product.