by Alana Willis

What is it?
John West Tuna, Brown Rice and Quinoa is a tasty snack or small meal which is microwave ready in just one minute. It comes in three flavours including Mediterranean, Moroccan and Thai Red Curry.

– Quick, convenient and mess free (can be prepared in under one minute)
– Good source of protein from tuna and quinoa.
– High in omega 3s for cardiovascular and brain health.
– Source of fibre to promote gut health from whole grains brown rice and quinoa.

– High sodium content (~390mg per serve). The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends adults consume 460-920 mg of sodium daily.
– Despite the product name, the main wholegrain in the product is brown rice (47%) not quinoa (2.5%).
– Does not contain many vegetables. A balanced meal should contain vegetables, ideally filling half the plate. Vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals and fibre to promote optimal health.

Final Evaluation
John West Tuna, Brown Rice and Quinoa is a great option when you’re on the go and in need of a quick, convenient snack or small meal. Being a good source of protein and a source of fibre, this meal will help keep you feeling full. One way to make this meal healthier is to add vegetables. For example, you could steam your favourite greens or make a side salad.