We profiled Dietitian Tanya Gilliver from Melbourne, Australia – about her work at Health Delivered and how she came to be a dietitian.

Why did you choose to be a dietitian?

I was passionate about food from a young age and started baking using my own “recipes” at 4 years old.  My poor parents patiently ate all my hard multi-coloured biscuits without complaint!  Initially, I wanted to be a chef but the late nights did not appeal and I was always interested in working in healthcare, but didn’t want to be a physio.  So dietetics was the perfect combination of food and healthcare, and I’ve been incredibly happy with that choice.

What are some of the challenges you have had to overcome during your career to get to where you are now?

I’ve always been someone that has pushed the boundaries and can’t help myself but want to make things better for patients and dietitians.  My current role at Health Delivered has certainly been the most challenging but also the most exciting.  I spend the majority of my time right out of my comfort zone.  I am constantly having to solve problems and learn how to apply what we know so inherently as dietitians into the digital space.  The most exciting part is when we crack a problem that has never been solved before and then see it working in reality.

I’ve also learnt just how important big data and technology is!  It has the potential to truly transform the way we work as dietitians; allowing us to reach a much greater number of people in need. I’d like to see Dietitians leading in this space, not following.

How will Health Delivered transform dietitians’ work? How is Health Delivered different from other dietetics practice software?

Our roles as dietitians are so complex and we integrate a vast amount of information in order to get to a specific outcome for a patient / client.  But our true skills lie in the human touch and connection.  So if we can have a tool to reduce the technical workload (calculating requirements, following guidelines, combining multiple chronic and acute conditions, developing recommendations), then we can focus on the part that really makes a difference – understanding and motivating our client. That is the ultimate goal of the platform — to support, help and improve the industry, not replace it.


We’re different because this is built with amazing data scientists, designers and incredible mathematicians.  Seeing how they create algorithms to translate very complicated food information into meaningful meal plans is like watching magic!  The personalisation piece that we are working on will be very precise; selecting your kilojoule target, macronutrient split, multiple special therapeutic diets and adding very personal preferences like whether someone prefers wraps over sandwiches to help give them meals they want within a targeted plan. And you can do all of this in seconds, with a recipe to go with every dish. There’s a lot more to come after that as we will then focus on client engagement and real time monitoring.

Where can dietitians go to learn more about Health Delivered?

You can go to our website at www.healthdelivered.com.au.  You can sign up to get access to our next release where our updated meal planner will be in use.  Once signed up, you can give us your wish list of things you’d like the platform to do for you.  It is after all aimed at putting the sword in the dietitian’s hand (not some big tech, celeb or food company) as we are at risk of at the moment.  And please do get in touch with me directly if you have any other questions or queries on [email protected]