We profiled Dietitian Laura Ford from Melbourne, Australia – about her work at Jenny Craig, blogging and more.

Why did you choose to be a dietitian?

I love everything about food and nutrition. I’m utterly obssessed with eating, cooking and food and when I started learning more about the science behind nutrition, I was hooked. I love everything from the science and biochemistry side, to the recipe testing and nutrition consulting aspects, all the way to solving clinical problems. I seriously just love it all. It was the perfect career that encapsulates everything I love.


Could you tell us a little about your current role – who you work with, what clients you see and what do you find most rewarding?

I have recently been appointed a role as a Company Dietitian at Jenny Craig. My role involves menu planning, answering nutrition questions from the consultants and recipe development. I’ve also had the opportunity to develop and roll out a health promotion initiative across all Australian and New Zealand centres as a way to improve staff wellness. I love that in my role I get to live and breathe food and nutrition and most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work! I also love that everyone in the Jenny Craig family is so passionate about making a difference to our clients’ lives. It’s wonderful to know that our work has a profound effect on the health and wellbeing of others.


Where do you get ideas for your online content?

I get ideas from other food blogs, Instagram and by going to restaurants in the Melbourne food scene.


What are the top 3 questions that other dietitians (or student dietitians) ask you?

My main questions usually are about the development of my Instagram account and followers:

  • How did you build up your following? (Lots of hard work and networking other like-minded people on social media)
  • Do you take all your photos? (Yes I do!)
  • How do you find the time to do it all? (I have no idea…I’m always on the go and at this stage it’s just become part of my routine)



Quick Questions

  • Favourite mobile app: Instagram (of course) and I also love VSCO for editing photos.
  • Favourite food: I love cheese, pasta, nuts and wine (that counts as food right?)
  • My favourite tool to keep me organised is: A good old fashioned ‘To Do’ List. I used to be so disorganized but once I started having to juggle part time work, uni and social media, a ‘To Do’ List helped me remember everything. It’s also incredibly satisfying crossing things off a list.
  • I cannot live without: My rescue kitty Luna and my phone.
  • Something I always have on my desk and why: My drink bottle and fruit. I always forget to eat fruit when I’m at work but having it there in front of me reminds me to eat it.

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