Five Questions with…Dr Rosemarie Brown, “Doc Brown”

1. What interesting findings on food did you uncover via your PhD?

I wanted to obtain a grounded understanding of why people ate what they ate. What self-respecting Home Economist wouldn’t – LOL! From my PhD, Food Autonomy: the paradox to cereal-based food choice, spawned the Grounded Substantive Theory of Food Autonomy. In a nutshell it explains how very few people have the food choice they are led to believe they have. This theory is complementary to behaviour-change models and could help Dietitians/Nutritionists tailor counselling to fit individual trajectories.

2. What was a pivotal career decision you made that resulted in your current job?

I was captivated by a British documentary on dieting, which aired early in the 21st century. This documentary, I felt, was unique because it showed Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Home Economists working collectively to achieve the same goal. For me, the pivotal element to this documentary was that Home Economists were being portrayed in a capacity beyond the national education system.  That is, they were developing meals that were tailored towards individual food tastes, which also supplied the nutrients advised by the Dietitians/Nutritionists. This is where I saw myself heading…helping people eat nutritiously, their way!

3. Can you share with us a favourite online resource/blog/website you turn to for inspiration?

I absolutely love for providing me with regular health tips on eating and buying food, and physical activity. Their tips are ingenious yet simple to action. You will see me periodically quoting them on Doc Brown’s Nutrimedicine FB page.

4. Did you have a professional mentor? How did that person help influence who you are today?

I do not have a professional mentor but my husband, Malcolm Brown, is the rock in my life who undoubtedly shaped me professionally. It was his unfaltering belief in me that allowed me to evolve and achieve practitioner status. For this I am truly grateful as I love having had the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to help people achieve social, emotional, physical, financial, and intellectual well-being.

5. What’s your relationship like with technology – love it, hate it, stay on top of trends or let others keep you updated on the latest?

I deploy “The IT Crowd” approach to technology i.e. if I type “Google” into “Google” will I break the internet? It’s certainly a love-hate relationship I possess regarding technology. I categorically love the “office” freedom of cloud-based programs such as Cliniko and FoodZone that I use, and I really like being able to communicate electronically with clients and other health professionals. On the flip side – I really, really hate it when computer programs crash. That’s when I call my IT professional (my husband) for HELP!