Why did you choose dietetics as a career?
I love helping people! When trying to decide what to do, my Mum pointed out that my love of food and helping people would be a perfect mix as a dietitian.

Could you tell us about your current role?
My current role is pretty mixed – I work with clients privately both online and face to face, run my online program The FODMAP Challenge, and regularly collaborate with media and brands to provide evidence led nutrition information to the public. The mix means every week is slightly different, and lots of fun!

What do you most enjoy and/or find most rewarding about your role?
When someone says ‘I cannot believe how good I feel – this has changed my life’. Helping people improve their nutrition/performance CAN be life changing! Nothing gives the warm fuzzies quite so much!

What is the largest lesson you’ve learnt?
Back yourself in, go with your gut, and get everything in writing.

What trait has helped you succeed ?
Having great people around me – both professionally and personally, and being super stubborn!

Quick Questions:
Last book you read: Thrive by Arianna Huffington
Favourite mobile app: Dietitian Wise. My Symptoms. Spotify for music or Audible for audio books
Favourite / most inspirational quote: You’re tougher than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can – Chris McDouggal
– Favourite food: Banana and peanut butter anything is pretty darn good!
– Highest priority on your to-do-list: Right now? Clear out my inbox! Haha!
– My favourite tool to keep me organised is: Trello – seriously life changing
– Something i always have on my desk: Bottle of water
– Top time management tip: Don’t look at or open emails until you have time to reply


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