We profiled Registered Dietitian in Toronto, Andy De Santis, about his blog and his career:

Why did you choose dietetics as a career?
Since I was about the age of 18/19 (in my first year of university), I began to appreciate the power of proper food & nutrition to improve lives.  I was a typical unhealthy teenager and I also happened to be quite underweight and living with some digestive health issues that were down to years of poor dietary choices. Once I started to address my dietary shortcomings, things in my life started to slowly turn around and not long after I knew that a career in nutrition would be the only career for me

Why did you choose to start blogging?

 I have always perceived myself to be a skilled writer and have worked a variety of writing related part-time jobs growing up (none of them related to nutrition, ironically). From that perspective, blogging came naturally to me. But the real reason that I started blogging was for self-promotion purposes. I wanted to draw traffic to my website and private practice while also establishing my credibility. Beyond that though, I believe that blogging is so valuable for young dietitians and nutrition students. I even blogged on the topic, hahah.

What is one interesting fact about you?

 I am not that interesting of a guy BUT… I eat raw kale and a raw bell pepper (capsicum for you guys) every single night at dinner! People seem to be entertained by that fact.

Where/how do you get ideas for your online content?

I figured I’d answer this question as it is particularly relevant to me, given that I put out so much content. The truth is, I try to answer the questions that I perceive people want to be answered. I especially draw on trends that I observe in my clients to get a solid understanding of prevailing nutrition opinions in the public. The reality is though, many of the most pressing nutrition issues have already been addressed ( whether they have been addressed well is another question) so it is up us to offer a fresh spin or tell a different story with it.

I also spend a lot of time brainstorming on public transit (when I have nothing better to do) and I’ve came up with a few good ideas from there as well! Getting ideas from those closest to you also works great. My girlfriend has given me some awesome suggestions and you should never underestimate the value of someone else’s idea and perspectives, we all see things differently.

What are you most excited about in the future of dietetics?

We all have a responsibility to push the dietetic profession to new heights. I believe there is so much potential in our field because the need for a strong diet and a strong understanding of how to navigate an increasingly complicated food system will never go away. I want to see dietitians thought of as less of  a luxury and more and a necessity. People tend to see their dentists twice a year to clean their teeth, is it that unreasonable that they should see a dietitian with the same frequency to clean up their diet?

Quick questions:

Last book(s) you read: It has been a while but The Three Musketeers And The Count Of Monte Cristo… I love Dumas!

Favourite gadget:  None at the moment, but it will be my playstation 4 when the latest FIFA soccer game comes out in September.

Top time management tip: Never stop! “ An object in motion stays in motion….” – Newton

Favourite food/can’t live without: My daily hit of kale and capsicum.

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