You spoke up. I listened. Let’s take action – together.


Dear DC Members,


As dietitians, we’ve been sitting on the sidelines too long as misinformation about diet and nutrition is spread by the media, celebrities and so-called “experts”. Enough is enough.

The public doesn’t understand what a dietitian has to offer. As a result, many of us are unemployed. Underemployed. Underpaid. How do I know this? Because you told me so, both publicly and in private. You said: we are at a crisis point. You also told me exactly what you thought we could do to make a difference: undertake a national awareness campaign to change public opinion [read more here and here].

Now, I’m taking your feedback, and acting on it. We are nutrition scientists, and we need the public to understand that. With the help of a smart public relations partner, I’ve designed a plan to bring about change – and benefit all dietitians. It’s an awareness campaign, with exciting elements and world-class spokespeople that will catch the attention of the public. It’s your ideas – I’m simply stepping forward to lead the charge. And I’ll need your help – every one of you: it’s time that #dietitiansunite.

Our first task is to raise the funds needed to execute this campaign. If every one of you gives at least $20, we’ll be on our way.


Let me stop there. Watch this video I’ve created, with the help of a few dietitian friends. It explains everything. Then, please – get involved. It’s as easy as:

1) Go to

2) Contribute to our campaign

3) Spread the word using #dietitiansunite




#dietitiansunite from Maree Ferguson on Vimeo.




Thank you for your help,

Maree Ferguson – Director, Dietitian Connection