2014 ESPEN Top 5


1.Opening Ceremony to Inspire

The opening presentation by retired Swiss Professor Gottfried Schatz on the topic ‘Why we are not the slaves of our genes’ was impressive and inspirational. In this keynote presentation delivered without slides or written notes, Professor Schatz provided an overview of the complex field of nutrigenomics and received a standing ovation from the 3000 participants.


2.Outstanding Women Recognised

Two international leaders in clinical nutrition research were recognized by keynote addresses. Canadian Professor Vicki Baracos delivered the Sir David Cuthbertson Lecture on the topic ‘Skeletal muscle in clinical nutrition and metabolism’.  Professor Annemie Schols from the Netherlands presented the Arvid Wretlind Lecture on ‘Metabolism and nutrition shifting paradigms in COPD’.  Both paid tribute to the importance of their mentors and colleagues both past and present to their achievements.

suzie ferrie


3.Australian Dietitians Best Abstract Recipients

The standard of clinical research in Australia was acknowledged with two of three abstracts in the best abstracts session presented by Australian dietitians. Congratulations to Suzie Ferrie and Gemma Collins and colleagues on this wonderful achievement.


4.Professional Networking

The four-day conference provided a fabulous opportunity to network with international colleagues and form valuable new contacts.



5.Moments of fun

The conference welcome party complete with the appropriately named rock band ‘Death by Chocolate’ brought out the Australian movers and shakers. The Soiree by the Lake at the magnificent Hotel Kempinski was a highlight for the amazing location, exquisite food and entertainment.