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Hi everyone, my name is Kathryn Hawkins and I represent one half of BodyLove, an exciting new initiative launched two weeks ago with fellow dietitian Lyndi Polivnick (The Nude Nutritionist).

Both Lyndi and I are Sydney based dietitians working in Private Practice and specialising in body image, eating disorders, women’s health and weight management. We are also freelance nutrition writers, and we both contribute regularly to a number of print and online publications including Ninemsn, Yahoo7!, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan and SMH.

BodyLove is a movement created out of a joint passion and belief in the non-dieting approach to weight management and the HAES movement. As dietitians in the digitial age, we see online and social media as a great oppourtunity to communicate directly with the public. BodyLove, is a 6 week online program, aimed primaily at yo-yo dieters and those who have previosuly struggled to lose weight through ‘dieting’. Our website is

Conducted via webcasts, online resources and worksheets, Google Hangouts, and social media, BodyLove teaches participants in practical terms how to let go of the thin ideal, learn a more mindful and intuitive approach to eating and improve their nutritional intake through using whole foods recipes. We are with the participants every step of the way! We both thrive on empowering people to get in touch with their bodies and learn self-compassion, and that is exactly what the BodyLove course does. We can really meet people wherever they are at, and carry them through 6 weeks of learning and growing.

We believe that the media largely perpetuates an unhealthy, idealised image of what it means to be healthy. Instead of contributing to wellness, photoshopped images may actually be contributing to poor health. Within the BodyLove course, there is a module which focuses on the power of the media on self esteem and encourages critical thinking when it comes to fads, diets and ‘too good to be true’ weight loss promises. We feel that this is a very important module given the increasing amount of misleading nutrition advice on social media.

We are taking this opportunity to encourage our dietetic colleagues to join us in a positive conversation about health and body image by using the hashtag #bodylove.

Instead of waging war against keyboard warriors and people who subscribe to fads and ‘diets’, our mission is to drown out the ‘noise’ with positive health messages using #bodypositive #bodylove and #nodiets hashtags. You can join us on Facebook at:

BodyLove also encompasses two sister programs: BodyAware, our schools program, and BodyTalk, our online channel, which we will launch in the new year, with a focus more on face to face empowerment.

We are encouraging fellow dietitians who share our values to become referrers of the program. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or you would like information on becoming a referrer to the program, and please share BodyLove with people you know.

We have been thrilled with the response to BodyLove so far, so a very BIG thank  to all those who have already shown their support.

Lets do this!


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