This week, Ben Desbrow, Daniel Murray and Michael Leveritt, from Griffith University went viral globally with their beer research. 

The article in question was titled “Beer as a sports drink? Manipulating beer’s ingredients to replace lost fluid” and was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism earlier this year.

Click here to read the abstract.

The study involved seven male volunteers consuming a low alcohol beer +/- 25 mmol/L sodium or a full strength beer +/- 25 mmol/L sodium on four separate occasions after exercise and subsequent fluid loss.

The results found a significant increase in net fluid balance and urine output in the light beer with sodium compared to full strength beer +/- 25 mmol/L sodium.

The viral headlines included: – A boozy beer that won’t give you a hangover

Sydney Morning Herald – Australian boffins brew up a hydrating beer

Huffington Post – Hydrating beer: researchers create brew that rehydrates drinkers by adding electrolytes


Congratulations to our beer researchers on going viral!


Aggressive rest!

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A star is born!

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